Induction Programes

Outline and Module for Induction Program

 To be conducted from Ist to 14th August 2017 ( 10 Working days)

The program is divided into 6 Modules:

  1. Creative Arts:

It is further divided into 5 sub-modules:

  1. Photography
  2. Painting & Drawing
  3. Clay Activity
  4. Cartoon Activity
  5. Calligraphy

For conducting these sessions, we will be inviting the faculty from Vishwakarma University.

  1. Human Values: (8 Sessions) - Conducted by VIIT faculty
  2. Lecture by Eminent Personalities : (04 Sessions)
  3. Literary Activity : ( 04 Sessions)
  4. Proficiency Module : ( 04 Sessions)
  5. Physical Activity/ Sports : (08 Sessions)

As the programme is scheduled for 10 Working Days, it has been planned that students will go to Science Park and Cluster park for 1 day, schedule is to take 1 division everyday.

1 division everyday students will go to Jamgaon. There they will be participating in Tree Plantation, in first half of the day. Second half, a guest lecture regarding ‘Social Awareness’ will be organized & conducted.

For remaining 08 days, 04 sessions- batchwise will be conducted everyday.

There will be 02 batches per division. Therefore there will be 20 batches in total. So total sessions will be 32 for each batch.

Outcome of Induction Programme

The Induction program helped the students:

  • to adjust with the new environment and get connected with the campus
  • to create bonding with their batch-mates as well as with the faculty
  • to develop awareness, sensitivity and understanding of the self, people around them and society at large
  • to promote bonding and team work through different team building activities
  • to enhance creativity, through creative arts and physical activity which hopefully, flow into engineering design later
  • to give an exposure to the students for group discussions through human values session. It also helped in guiding thoughts and realising values
  • to get acquainted with the social work by visiting Jamgaon village
  • to get introduced to the eminent lecturers who are socially active in public life
  • to perform debates and role play through proficiency modules and literary lectures