•SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is a network of engineer, executives, educators and students from more than 110 countries who come together to share information and exchange ideas for advancing the engineering of mobility systems

•SAE India currently has 5 sections in India Government College of Engineering, Pune

•There are about 2,000 regular member and more than 27,500 student members in SAE India and the membership is still increasing

•In 2011 & 2013, TEAM V.I.I.T participated in SAEINDIA BAJA which is a competition to design an all terrain buggy

• In 2012, participated in SAE SUPRA. We won the MOST COST EFFECTIVE VEHICLE AWARD

• We at SAE VIIT CHAPTER encourage students to participate in various technical conventions held at A.R.A.I PUNE

This year we secured 17th position amongst 173 teams in the designing phase for SUPRA 2014 (Separate slide with more details about the event, team photo, analysis images, etc.)