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From Desk of Physical Director

From Dean Students Desk


      Dr. Namdev V. Phatangare
      Ph.D., M.A, M.Ed, SET. 
      Director of Physical Education                     







Dear Students,

Physical Fitness not only adds years to life but also life to years.” Today’s era is known as the scientific era. The world today is governed by developing technologies because of which the world is increasingly getting busy and hectic by nature creates major problems to us. Machines have become an integral part of our work thus life has become very fast. But due to this we are unaware of the consequences we have to face in the near future. The overall fitness and normal life span of the humans is decreasing day by day. To lead a truly happy life one has to be physically, emotionally, psychologically and mentally fit. Here is where physical training plays an important role in everyday life.

Sound mind in a sound bodyis very popular slogan, which reflects body and mind relationship. Sound mind means psychologically well and mentally healthy, whereas sound body means organically efficient and physically fit.

In VIIT sports department we promote different sports along with other activities so students can develop leadership qualities, team culture and communication skills, and overall personality development. By encouraging participation in various events and competitions, our sports department helps you to improve your skillset along with your knowledge about sports and improvise your overall personality.

Physical education and sports department had started in our college from 2002. Compare to then sports department has developed and encouraged lot of indoor and outdoor games. Even for the sports for which college ground is not available, we provide rental ground to students for practice. Students from all departments have always shown great interest in different sports and they have represented our college on different levels and achieved great success. We provide a chance for students to participate in different sports activities organized by sports council as well as university and other colleges which enhances their overall personality.

We encourage students to participate in as many events as possible and making it an opportunity not to be missed.