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About Robocon
The ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest (ABU ROBOCON) is an Asian Oceanian Inter-College robotic competition, founded in 2002 by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union.
The competition includes robots that compete to complete a task based upon themes specified for that particular year, within a set period of time. Robots built by the participant teams must follow all the rules included in the rulebook provided by the organizers.

Right after 5 years of foundation of the ABU ROBOCON, in 2007 our college officially established a club that would dedicatedly work on the robots to participate in this competition.

    With our students in the club also participating in many other national, regional and inter-college level competitions based on robotics, and with the vision of encouraging more to do so, we are planning to rename our club formerly known as ROBOCON Club, to VIIT Robotics Club; thus, introducing and inculcating a broader perspective.

Work Culture – 

    Here, at VIIT Robotics Club we have always worked with the main purpose of developing a future ready engineer, well versed in both technical and managerial skills. Many ex-members of this club are now at top positions in their chosen career fields and looking back have just one thing to say that the interdisciplinary knowledge and experience gained by them during those years at the VIIT Robotics Club, has always given them an edge over their academics then and now in their career as well.  

    The freshers’ recruitment is executed by the members currently working within the club, by interviewing them where the main point of focus stands to be their willingness to learn and develop themselves. Once you are in, you have the choice to work in any domain that interests you, there’s no traditional post assigned to you that might hinder your curiosity or intrigue nature to explore and learn.

    Our college has also been equally supportive in making the club achieve great heights. A dedicated room is made available within the campus for seamless and uninterrupted functionality of work within. This room is let open all night so that the work is never hindered and everyone could work as and when needed. Inside the room we have many basic and necessary facilities available right from drill machines, grinding tools to welding equipments, DC power supplies, oscilloscope, PCB manufacturing equipments, basic sorts of mechanical connectors, shafts, gears, wheels, motors and electronic components as well, and even wifi. The college workshop and library are also made available for us to use whenever required.   

    We never back off in experimenting as itself forms the base of innovation and development. We experiment with materials, our in-house board designs, softwares and basically every work methodology. The knowledge gained through experience and the results of research and experiments are very well documented and later passed on to the fellow members for future reference and practice.
Achievements – 

  • 1strank in stage 1 of Robocon 2020
  • 2019 - Ranked 24thin Round 1 (Technical Documentation)
  • 2016 – Ranked in top 24.
  • 2012 – Ranked in top 40.
  • In-housedesign and manufacturing of MOSFET drivers along with many other circuit boards
  • Availability of a well-documentedexperience base data
  • Well optimized design of chassisfor different competitions
  • Code repositoryover GitHub
  • Centralized Collective space for design collaborationsover fusion 360 cloud
  • Well planned and organized workflow making use of strategic toolslike Gannt charts, Scrum and Kanban using Trello boards
  • Many basic tools and equipmentsmade available within the room itself
  • Good inventory managementalong with keeping the room clean and tidy to create a workspace with productive environment
  • Helped many students in their academic projectsand have also hosted many competitions in college fest over years
  • In-house diagnostic boards for failure analysis (Current, voltage and pneumatic pressure measurement for each actuator) & many more to come along thus, the legacy of 13 years till date will always be carried further with passion, dedication and persistence!

   Arduino Workshop For Robocon Team

Arduino Workshop 2Arduino Workshop 1

            Glimpses of Robocon Team

Passing RobotRugby Ball pickup Arena

Try Robot and Passing RobotTeam Photo